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Remitsy at the Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen

Oliver LompartOliver Lompart

Recently the Remitsy team headed down to China’s cross-border business nexus, Shenzhen, to attend Global from Asia’s Cross Border Summit.

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Remitsy are payments on caffeine, so we couldn’t miss a chance to take care of the coffee at Cross Border Summit

It was awesome to get the chance to speak to up-and-coming cross-border business owners from around the world. We learned a lot about the current trends in international e-commerce (which is clearly booming right now!) and the challenges faced in selling to customers across the globe.

Cross-Border Payments & Banking

Neil Woodfine (Remitsy’s COO) joined Larry Salibra and Mike Michelini in a panel discussing the complexities of cross-border payments and how the latest fintech solutions can be used to save businesses time & money. A major takeaway from the chat was that it only takes a bit of research and a few small changes to your payment process to make a business seriously more competitive.

We shot a video of the talk and will release a video of the event on Youtube soon. So watch this space!

Find Remitsy in this short video from Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen brought by HK News:

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