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Making Micropayments to China with Remitsy

Neil WoodfineNeil Woodfine


Cross-border payments are hard enough for regular-size transactions, but when it comes to micropayments they can be downright impossible.

Micropayments are usually discussed in terms of accepting them from customers (e.g. for online content), but increasingly online businesses need to deliver small payments to their users. From our work with clients, this growing demand includes platforms working in spaces as diverse as affiliate marketing, video gaming, and influencer social marketing.

China’s Unique Market

China poses a unique challenge to cross-border micropayments due to the controlled nature of the local currency. But it also offers a number of unique opportunities not available elsewhere. For example, the prevalence of e-wallets, such as Alipay and Wechat, allows for fast and cheap domestic delivery of small payments to platform users.

Remitsy leverages these advantages thanks to our use of bitcoin technology to convert payments. We excel at small business payments – but for micropayments we totally knock the ball out of the park! Businesses holding US dollars (or any of our other supported currencies) can now deliver payments of any size to Alipay wallets (no WeChat yet) – converted at the mid-market rate and delivered in real-time via our API.

Getting Started

Keeping things as simple as possible, our micropayment service operates the same as our regular payments services, using our same standard public API.

If interested, to get started businesses should:

  1. Register a regular account at
  2. Check out our API documentation here
  3. Request a sandbox API key from

Our payment API has enabled business models that were practically impossible to successfully launch in China. If you have an interesting new business model that requires micropayments, make sure you get in touch with us at or on the live chat below!


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