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Remitsy Mega-Update: What to Expect?

If you’ve been to recently you may have noticed things look a little different — we’ve just made a major upgrade of the site!

Before you head over to check out all the shiny new stuff, I’d recommend you read the following so that you know what to expect (for those short on time check out the summary of major changes at the bottom!).

Why the major update?

Since launching the Remitsy Beta site in December 2015, we’ve been rapidly onboarding all kinds of exciting businesses making payments to China. In addition to processing CNY payments for manufacturing and export, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the other uses people have found for our product.

For example we’re now the no.1 choice for businesses making payments to China freelancers and remote workers. Our Mass Payout API (private beta) has also proved to be a big draw for online platforms looking to deliver payments quickly and cheaply to their users in China.

We’ve been taking on board all the feedback from these users and have been trying to update the site to better suit their specific needs as fast as we can. However, we gradually realised that we needed a more flexible platform that would allow us to add features and resolve bugs at a faster pace.

Remitsy mega update introduces payments to businesses or freelancers in China.

The all-new select recipient type screen

So while we’re keeping the same speedy, blockchain-based payment processing backend, we’ve moved to a completely new frontend setup*. Expect us now to move a lot faster on our user feedback — so keep the great comments coming! We have a number of cool ideas of our own in the pipeline too…sending money to China is going to get a whole lot easier!

*For the dev geeks out there: we switched from Ember () to Bootstrap ().

What to expect?

For now, some of the key changes you’ll be seeing on the new site:

  • We’ve added a dedicated option to pay to personal accounts in China.
  • A world-first Alipay payment option. Remitsy is now the cheapest and fastest way to deliver cross-border payments to Alipay wallets.
  • The order of information requested for a payment booking has been changed to make the process more intuitive.
  • We’ve added a lot more directions and tooltips to help new users navigate the interface.
    Send amount limits for paying businesses and individuals have been made clearer.
  • Users can now manually enter their recipient’s bank account information (we’d still recommend putting this on the invoice).
  • The login button is a lot easier to find!

We think you’ll like the new site and find it easier to use. But as with any change we’re expecting a lot of questions. We’ve bumped up our team’s support hours, so you’ll find someone available on our livechat 24/7 to deal with any problems you might have.

Thanks for sticking with us… time to go check out the new site!

Neil WoodfineNeil Woodfine