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You Wanted Payments from India to China? …You got it!

Remitsy now supports sending Indian rupees to China

Since starting Remitsy we’ve been focused on supporting clients from North America and Europe, but we’ve always had a large number of enquiries from Indian businesses wanting to make payments to China.

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Payments from India to China have just got a whole lot better

Making payments to China from India can be tough, with small businesses usually forced to make payments in US dollars. This means each payment is hit with two exchange fees (INR  USD, USD CNY) and results in a pile of paperwork at both ends.

Well, we are happy to announce that from now on Remitsy allows Indian businesses to settle payments to China in rupees, with their business partners receiving Chinese yuan direct to their bank accounts.

We’re offering the service at our usual world-leading rates: converting INR to CNY at the real exchange rate (mid-market rate), plus a 1% fee. No fixed send or receive fees. And no surprises. There has probably never been a cheaper way of sending money to China from India.

Send money to China from India

Our payment process for Indian customers is slightly different from other send regions. See below for the steps required:

  1. Book your rate at
  2. Provide us with company verification documents (you’ll only need to do this once!)
  3. Wire INR to our local banking partner bank account
  4. Provide us with your wire reference number
  5. Remitsy deliver CNY to your supplier within 24 hours! 

If you’re a business in India and looking to make a payment, [get registered and check out our platform now]. We have 24/7 live (human!) English-language support to answer any questions you might have (I’m there too sometimes).

This is going to be a huge money & time-saver for the Indian small business community (and their Chinese business partners as well!).

Book payment to China on Remitsy

If you’d like to help us spread the word, we run an affiliate program [Remitsy Share]. For any businesses you introduce to us, we will share half of our fees with you. Worth inviting a friend or two!

We’re looking forward to expanding our service in India and expect this to be one of our most popular corridors. See you at Remitsy soon!

Neil WoodfineNeil Woodfine