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Where to Find China Freelancers

By สุวรรณา วิเศษแก้ว (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

One of Remitsy’s key use cases is making payments to freelancers in China who are providing services to companies abroad. Freelancing and “the gig economy” are fast growing spaces, but engaging in these relationships across borders can cause all sorts of problems with payments. Small transactions to personal accounts in China is exactly where our bitcoin conversion technology excels.

But enough about us – with so many of our clients making payments to freelancers in China, we thought we might share some of our China expertise on how to find freelancers here. There’s a lot of platforms out there these days and it can be difficult to navigate for the newcomer.

Something you don’t already know

Rather than create a list of global freelancing platforms you already know – the likes of Upwork, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour – we thought you might like to discover a few of the less-well-known platforms, especially those with a China focus.

So we’ve compiled a list of the foremost platforms for hiring freelancers in China, most of them based in China itself. This also means that many of the sites are offered in Chinese-language only…and you’ll need someone on your team who can speak Chinese to navigate them. But these days, for companies doing business with China, that isn’t too unusual!

One important thing to note about Chinese freelancing platforms: they tend to offer services from a mixture of both small agencies and individual freelancers. So depending on your requirements, make sure you take note of what kind of entity you are engaging with!

Read on for our list (we’ll try to keep this updated as we hear of interesting new platforms!).

Witmart (Zhubajie) is the biggest outsourcing platform in China, connecting startups with freelancers and agencies providing a wide variety of services. Currently the majority of projects listed on are related to graphic design, website production, and circuit design. A warning to freelancers listing services there: Witmart take a 20% fee on all payments, which is a bit steep compared to other platforms!
Language: English + Chinese

680 (formerly Vike China) specialises in software and design services, for example: trademark registration, web design (especially Taobao store fronts) and logo design. While probably the largest platform in China for this sector, it still uses the traditional method of selecting candidates – based on submitted profile only – vs. most of the other platforms which have moved to variations on the crowdsourcing model (think: 99designs).
Language: Chinese

Epwk (Yipin Weike), unlike some of the more traditional freelancer platforms, has chosen to not take a cut of freelancers fees on the site. Instead it has taken the route of providing paid value-added services. Their focus is on helping companies find creatives, designers and service agencies (both studios & individuals). Multiple selection methods available.
Language: Chinese

Renwuyi is a freelancer aggregator – like Skyscanner but for outsourcing. You’ll find most of China’s major platforms listing jobs here. They’re also offering a fairly aggressive referral scheme – if you register accounts with Witmart, Epwk or Freelancer via Renwuyi’s promo link, they will credit your account with 100% of their referral fee.
Language: Chinese

Dakun is a new spinoff from premier startup recruitment platform Lagou. As a huge fan of Lagou (some of our best team members joined through their platform), I’m expecting big things from their new foray into the freelancer market. However, Dakun only opened at the beginning of 2016 and at the moment seems to be aimed at the higher end of the market, offering a small selection of industry experts. With high prices and few projects listed, it may take some time to take off, but I’d be confident of the quality of service provided.
Language: Chinese

We’ve personally used Cadence (formerly SeekPanda) before for simultaneous interpretation at one of our Bitcoin Meetup events in Beijing. The platform connects you with multiple freelance interpreters working in China. They provide excellent customer service and an accurate match of skill sets.
Language: English + Chinese

FreelancerChina (their focus is in the name!)  has also focus on the developer market, and has been localised fairly well for an international English-speaking audience. After submitting your project requirements, CVs of the developers are sent across to allow you to select the most suitable developer for the job.
Language: English + Chinese

TaskCity (Zhicheng) aims to open up Chinese software outsourcing to the global market. With an international team and perspective, they claim to have experience in helping smooth the process of connecting international companies with Chinese expertise.
Language: English + Chinese

Toidea (Chuangyi Wang) is all about innovation and design. If you are designing a logo, trying to come up with a Chinese slogan, or any type of branding, this is the place to find some creatives!
Language: Chinese

Ziwork (Zike) is a place where you can find Chinese freelancers working in design, technology, operations, marketing, prototyping or even financial services. Freelancers on Ziwork are in the high-end talent bracket and are paid by the hour.
Language: Chinese

Soho Task is another freelancer platform where fees are charged by the hour. On the Soho Task platform you can find IT freelancers, programmers, designers, product managers, administrative, financial or legal personnel. And can also find some outstanding Chinese students here…in case you are looking for somebody to do your homework 🙂
Language: Chinese

On the 91y8 (91Waibao) website you can find agents who can help you with app development, website construction, animation, film production, game design and other similar services.
Language: Chinese

Taskcn (Renwu Zhongguo) can help you with finding freelancers working in professional logo design, advertising / packaging design, web design, activity planning, translation, or creating slogan / name for your company or product.
Language: Chinese

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