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Take Control of Your Payments

Oliver LompartOliver Lompart

It’s better to see something once than to read about it a thousand times.

Therefore we have created a handy visualization on payments to China. We hope this will help put things into perspective – on the one hand classic payments via banks, on the other payments through Remitsy.

The standard method of sending money via banks is over-complicated. An explanation of the payment process flow through the traditional banking system can put even the most ardent insomniac to sleep (or just give them a headache!).

Business owners often don’t know how much they are actually paying for their international payments. But in our opinion it’s not at all their fault – banks and other third party services make it as difficult as possible to figure it out.

We hope this short presentation makes payments to China easier to understand, without the headache!


How to send money to china with Remitsy from Remitsy

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